Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Justin Walker

When I first seen Justin on B.E.T. Baldwin Hills, i thought he looks good ` as most females did. When i started watching the show everyday and learned new things about him, his looks no longer mattered. It was more to him than his looks. After the show ended and i found out there would be no more Baldwin Hills i was UPSET. So i turned to my main source [GOOGLE] he looked him up and seen he has TWiTTER, i was EXCiTED ! i started following him, at first i didnt write to him for a while, I was just reading his tweets and seeing what he was about. After that i started writing to him, i didnt expect for him to respond , but i was like oh well we will see what happens. He wrote back and i was jumping up and down like a little chickenhead [LOL]. I would write to him everyday and we would have mini conversations, nothing MAJOR. I would talk about him all the time , to my friends , and they would look at me like i was CRAZY, but they didnt understand how much i liked this man. I started putting him on my twitter background , bbm , tumblr , my phone background , laptop background , he was basically EVERYWHERE i was. After he seen i was the first girl to put him on my twitter background i think thats where he started noticing how much i liked him. After a while i made his first and only fan page dedicated to him. Many dont understand why i made it , but i made the page for ME and HiM , the reason i made it for me , because i wanted to show the WORLD how much i like him , and show others there is MORE to him than his looks. Alot of people dont really know Justin , they just think he did Baldwin Hills and thats it. WRONG ! he done MANY MANY other things , i will be here all day explain , basically he writes songs, he acts , model but MOST important he is a FATHER to his beautiful baby girl Kassidy. Now i made the page for HiM because i wanted to show him how much i support him in everything he does , and how much he means to me. I cant wait until the DAY we meet. I will keep ya posted [hehe] ♥

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