Thursday, November 18, 2010


Would you like to earn a couple dollars for TWEETING OR FACEBOOK. ?

Its SIMPLE and its FREE.

HERE are the SIMPLE steps., follow the steps and be on your way to TWEETING OR FACEBOOK and earning MONEY !

1. Click This Link To Sign Up [ ]
- Make Sure You Have A Paypal Account., If NOT Sign Up For One [ ]
2. Link Your Twitter OR Facebook Account To Your Mylikes Page.
- Make Sure You Have 200 Or More Followers On Twitter.
3. Start TWEETING OR FACEBOOK'ing and making MONEY.


Q. Does This Really Work.? Do You Really Get Paid To Tweet?
A. Yes it really works., & i do get PAID to TWEET. !

Q. What Do I Need To Do To Start Getting Paid To Tweet?
A. All You Have To Do Is Post Sponser Links & Everytime Someone Clicks On The Link You Get PAID.

Q. How Do I Get The Money?
A. You Will Get Paid EVERY Friday Through PAYPAL., thats why its IMPORTANT to have a PAYPAL account [ ]

Q. Is This A Scam., It Seems To Good To Be True
A. NOOOOO this is NOT a SCAM. you are NOT giving up NO personal information at all.

I Hope Everyone Signs Up., If Your ALWAYS on TWITTER OR FACEBOOK you should get PAID. !

Any Questions. ?

Tweet Me at @KissedByBarbiee OR @PinkBarbiee
I Will Be GLAD to Answer <3

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