Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love {♥}

Love is love ; love makes you do things you never imagine of doing ; love makes you feel a way you never felt before. Love is a beautiful thing but love can also be painful, its a powerful feeling, so how far do you go for love? Do you hurt for love? Do you take the pain love comes with? If someone loves you do that mean they hurt you and than say sorry. does that make everything ok or just for the while being? Do you forgive your lover when he/she does wrong? If not then why do they say if you love someone you will forgive them for the wrong things they done. Its wrong to say love doesnt hurt, because you have to hurt to see if you really love someone and willing to go throught the pain that comes along with love. If you hurt and forgive then you know you really love that person. Anyone willing to go throught pain and suffering for him/her than your really in love. Love is love but loyalty is everything. Stay committed to your love one no matter the situation is. They will also respect you more if you put your foot down and dont let them run over you. No male wants a weak female that cant stand for themselves.

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