Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drug Addicts

i [HATE] drug addicts ; i dont care [WTF] your addicted to ; i [HATE] it. . how can someone be so venerable to let a drug take over there life? i hate when drug addicts aband there fucking kids for a fucking high feeling, thats so sad. Drug addicts are always making excuses about why the do the drugs and a bunch of bullshit ; They have no respect for themselves or there kids, so i dont respect any of them. Anyone who is brought into this world by a fucking druggy i feel bad, not only that there parent picks the drugs over them, i know they been throught many ups and downs. i hate any parent that is full of excuses about why there not taking care of there responisblities, there should be no excuses or any reason for you not taking care of your kid and responsibilities, all i want to say is stop fucking making excuses its pathetic seriously.

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