Thursday, April 16, 2009


So there is this boy ; when i say boy i mean boy ; because he def. still acts like were in high school. Well i met this boy when i was in 10th grade ; oh boy we been together off and on until now ; for some reason he cant let me go and i always let him come back into my life [SMH] i know i shouldnt but i always do ; me and him been through so much ; too much, no anyone can handle it. I know him better than he knows himself and vice versa. [PAUSE] no one knows me better than myself. [ANYWAYS] me and him wont have to see each other for months and when we do we just cant shake each other no matter how long we try to move on and out of each others lifes it doesnt work. He has about 3 girlfriends after me but still any girl he has he always talks to me, i know he aint right for me but i just cant let him go no matter how much i cut him out of my life, he can be very disrespectful and controlling and i dont take no shit from no one expectually no nigga. So were always clashing, so i honestly dont know what it is that keeps him around and i dont know why he comings my way and he so "called" cant stand me. . like what is it? Should i let him go or try to get through things?

" Love is a bitch ; i love him but im not in love with him "

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