Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Honestly ; i dont get females and the things they do and how they act. I dont like females well 90% of them ; there sneaky, phoney, backstabbers, and everything else down the line. I dont have time for them, so i let it be known that " i have no friends " ; ya'll are just people who entertain me for the while being ; thats how i feel. But let me not get sidetracked ; why is all these females having kids knowing they cant take of them [SMH] i strongly believe females are having babies to " try " and trap a male ; [NO NO] that is not cool. So if the male leaves you ; your stuck with the baby and then you want to go out and still live the young life, dont have kids if your not preparted to be with the child with or without a male. . i just dont get it l dont ya'll want more for your child? anyways i dont care. . its your life. . but shit the taxes is getting cut out my check for you young dum bimbos that are having kids with no jobs and are depending on public assistants ; so please get ya shit together.

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