Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Summary Of My Life

Everyone always judging without even getting to know the person ; people think they know me but they really have no clue ! some call me a mysery because they can never figure me out [GOOD] i like it that. I been though ups and downs ; but who hasnt. I wouldnt say i been through life threathing experience but i been through some ups and downs. I been raised by my mother ; so i give respect to all the single parents ; dont get it twisted i know who my father is but unfortually the streets got to him when i was young and he had to pay his debt to society. I always talked and keep in contact with him ; he is coming home soon. My mom is my best friend always have always will be. Back to the basics. . .

I was brought into this world on December 22, 1989 [CAPRiCORN] all my life i got what i want when i wanted, i never had to want for anything ; i respect both of my parents ; i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for them. I currently live upstate new york aka bird city. Its not the funnest or best place to be but i make the best out of it ; [I TRY] i graduated high school.

" I might stumble but never fall off " im focus.

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