Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rapist, Child Molestors, Child Predator

First off let me start off by saying rapist, child molestors and child predators are not all the same ; there is a difference so i am going to break it down for the people ; a rapist is someone who has sexual intercourse with another against there own will. in other words if a female/male says no and you do it anyways its called rape. A molestor is someone who plays with a child or adults private without there consent. A child predator is a grown men/women that preys on young girls/boys that doesnt know right or wrong, a child predator likes someone who they can control and do what ever they want to them. A rapist, child molestor and child predator are all about controlling there victoms. I dont respect no man or women who takes advantage of another person, its patheic. The way young girls is acting now a days there asking to be taking advantage of by older men. Mothers of females need to watch there kids closely ; lil girls are getting to grown and wanting to talk to males that are older and have a couple do dollars in there pocket.

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