Friday, April 17, 2009

Fool In Love

Ladies, now you know yall had someone that came in and you your life and you know they aint right for you but you follow your heart instead of your mind, well there is this man that im still not over [SMH] i love him to the max, but sometime i dont know if he loves me as much as he say he does, he def. has a funny way of showing it and i hate that. Everytime i get around him i feel complete, but when he makes me mad my whole day is fucked up. Until this day he still gives me butterflies and i known him for years. When we was together it was all about him ; it felt like my world was complete and it was him and me against the world, its no longer like that ; and i want it to be back like that. When your in love with someone the feeling is so good, you feel so complete, love is a good thing but dont be a fool in love. Sometimes i feel like i am a fool in love because i let him get away with certain shit, so i dont know i am going to ride this out for a while and see how it goes.*

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